Enjoy Pedigree Products on sale at Shopee this November 15!

Did you know that the quality of dog food that you feed your dog influences everything about them? This is why it is so important for every dog owner to invest in high-quality dog food! 


Show your little fur babies you care for their overall well being by giving them Pedigree this November 15. Visit Pedigree’s Official store in Shopee by downloading the Shopee App on the App Store. Enjoy discounts as high as 35% off on Pedigree products and Flash sales for as low as Php 1. Not to mention 10% of total sales accumulated for the day will be converted as pet food and donated to Animal Kingdom Foundation.

My fur baby absolutely loves eating  Pedigree’s Chicken and vegetables for her lunch and dinner because it provides her with complete balanced nutrition.


I reward her with  Pedigree’s Rodeo for her good behavior. These are the best for our fur babies, it’s a range of scrumptiously tasty, meaty treats and it has vitamins, minerals, and omega 3. 


Here are some more of the products that pedigree offers:


Pedigree Dry Food – (Iams Dry Dog food ) crunchy pockets with real meat flavor with omega 6+Zinc, Calcium, and Phosphorus for strong bones and teeth. protein for strong muscles and dietary fiber for a healthy digestive system. You can also visit pedigree at shopee 


Pedigree Wet Dog Food – Good for skin health and maintaining dog bone, strength, and dog digestion with a muscle stronger. Good nutrition for the dog’s immune system. 


Pedigree Dog treats(Meat jerky, tasty bites, Rodeo) A special delicious dog treat to share with your pet every day. The soft and chewy texture does not damage their teeth. Made with great tasting real meat and a long-lasting snack for our dogs to engage and occupy. 


What are you waiting for? Treat your lovable fur-babies to Pedigree’s healthy and delicious range of food this November 15. They will thank you for it! 


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