Secure Your Child’s Bright Future with Mocasa Quick Loan

 Mocasa, the Philippines’ first virtual credit wallet, introduces Mocasa Quick Loan — a versatile financial tool designed to empower you and support your child’s educational journey. Here’s how Mocasa Quick Loan can help you make the most of the back-to-school season.


Cover Tuition Fees and School Supplies

One of the primary challenges you face each school year is ensuring you have the funds to cover tuition fees and purchase necessary school supplies. With Mocasa Quick Loan, you can borrow up to PHP 25,000 payable in 3 monthly installments, providing substantial support to manage these essential expenses. Whether you need to pay enrollment fees, buy textbooks, or equip your child with school uniforms and stationery, Mocasa Quick Loan ensures you can start the school year with financial peace of mind.

Invest in Educational Technology

In today’s digital age, educational technology plays a crucial role in enhancing learning experiences. Mocasa Quick Loan offers quick cashouts to popular e-wallets such as GCash, Maya, and Lazada, enabling you to invest in educational gadgets, software, or online courses. Whether it’s a new laptop for virtual learning, educational apps to supplement classroom teachings, or subscriptions to online learning platforms, Mocasa Quick Loan provides the financial flexibility to support and enrich your child’s educational journey.

Enroll in Extracurricular Activities

Beyond academics, extracurricular activities play a vital role in your child’s holistic development. Whether it’s music lessons, sports programs, arts workshops, or leadership camps, these activities help foster creativity, discipline, and teamwork skills. Mocasa Quick Loan’s flexible repayment options allow you to comfortably finance these enriching activities without compromising your budget. By investing in extracurricular pursuits, you can ensure your child has a well-rounded educational experience that extends beyond the classroom.

Plan Educational Field Trips

Educational field trips provide invaluable hands-on learning experiences that complement classroom teachings. Whether it’s a visit to historical landmarks, science museums, or environmental centers, these outings deepen your child’s understanding of various subjects and foster a love for learning. Mocasa Quick Loan provides the financial means for you to plan and fund these educational excursions. With quick access to funds, you can seize opportunities to enrich your child’s education through memorable and educational field trips.

Prepare for Unexpected Educational Expenses

Throughout the school year, unexpected educational expenses can arise, such as project materials, additional tutoring sessions, or fees for specialized educational services. Mocasa Quick Loan serves as a reliable financial buffer, offering you the flexibility to address unforeseen expenses promptly and without stress. By having access to quick cashouts and manageable repayment plans, you can navigate unexpected educational costs effectively, ensuring your child receives uninterrupted support and resources for academic success.

“Education is not just a path forward; it’s the foundation of our children’s dreams,” said Mocasa Chief Executive Officer Robin Wong. “At Mocasa, we understand the challenges you face in ensuring your child receives the best education. That’s why Mocasa Quick Loan is designed to provide accessible financial support, helping you navigate the costs of schooling with ease and confidence.”

Experience the convenience of Mocasa Quick Loan today. Download the Mocasa app in Google Play and App Store to start your application and unlock opportunities for your child’s academic success.

Mocasa is a financial technology company duly licensed and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and an accredited accessing entity of Credit Information Corporation (CIC). To learn more about the latest updates from Mocasa, visit or its FacebookInstagram and Tiktok accounts.






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About Mocasa
Mocasa, the Philippines’ first virtual credit wallet, is a fintech firm launched in 2021 that focuses on offering innovative credit payment services to the Philippine market. It intends to provide Filipino consumers with the ease of credit payment at any time and from any location – online or offline – while also providing perks such as zero interest when paying on time, flexible installment plans, and credit limit growth.
Mocasa currently has over 200,000 active customers who have obtained credit limits. It has also integrated with many well-known partners to provide quality credit services such as Mastercard and is accredited by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Credit Information Corporation (CIC).
To learn more about Mocasa or to experience its credit payment service, visit or download the Mocasa App in Google Play and App Store.

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