Rapoo Launches 3 Trailblazing Wireless Gaming Mice!

Rapoo, a pioneer in wireless peripherals technology, once again leads the charge in introducing advanced technology to consumers, this time with three new trailblazing wireless gaming mice, now available in the market.



Three new avant-garde Rapoo wireless gaming mice models have been released in stores nationwide, marking yet another technological milestone for the leading PC peripherals brand. Consumers can now find the V300SE, VT9PRO, and VT950PRO wireless gaming mice in the nearest PC stores like Complink, Gilmore Computer Center, PC Express, Silicon Valley , and Thinking Tools. These new models will greatly enhance the PC gaming experience of players, giving them access to better fidelity, responsiveness, and customization.



Rapoo VT950PRO Brings High-Tech Gaming to the Masses

Rapoo’s new VT950PRO OLED Wired/Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse makes high-tech features accessible to the masses. This technologically advanced gaming mouse arrives with top-of-line features without the added cost of a premium product. Users can experience the best in PC gaming without breaking the bank and immediately see improvements in latency, fidelity, accuracy, and performance.

The VT950PRO features an ultra-accurate PAW3395 Optical Sensor, capable of switching between 50-26000 DPI/Resolution, 650IPS/Tracking Speed, and 50G/Acceleration. Responsiveness is also top-notch as the VT950PRO is updated to support a 2K polling rate, and can support a 4K polling rate (with a 4K dongle, purchased separately.)

The VT950PRO is the ultimate gamer’s companion for long gaming sessions, with its 800mAh eco-friendly rechargeable lithium battery can run up to 160 continuous hours. The VT950PRO also supports Qi wireless charging, allowing you to play and charge simultaneously with any compatible wireless charging mousepad, or charge while you’re away doing side quests in real life.

The VT950PRO is also the gamer’s ultimate companion for customization, with 11 programmable buttons and a customizable OLED Display. Bring your settings wherever you go and whichever system you use the mouse as it also features onboard memory and cloud memory, remembering your favorite load-outs for you.

Retailing at Php 2,525 SRP, the VT950PRO is definitely the ideal choice for gamers – full features in one mouse without emptying your bank account.



Rapoo VT9PRO Redefines Premium in Wireless Gaming Mice

The lightweight Rapoo VT9PRO Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse will also be making its debut on store shelves this month of February, giving gamers a new option when it comes to premium gaming mice.

Weighing at 68g, VT9PRO makes it easy for gamers to use either 122 or 131 mouse grip styles with no problems. Being lightweight adds a whole lot of stability for the mouse when using the 131 mouse grip style, making it the perfect mouse for movement-intensive games that require players quick access to the mouse wheel like Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Warzone.

The VT9PRO complements this quality with its high response rate. Also supporting a 2K polling rate, gamers can expect 1 ms responsiveness, and also a 4K polling rate for 0.25ms response time, as long as you have a 4K dongle, sold separately. The mouse has 7 different DPI options between 400 DPI and 26000 DPI.

The VT9PRO brings customization to a new level with 9 programmable buttons and 1 DIY independent button, making the mouse a very versatile option. The Rapoo C+click separate key pre-calibrated technology provides a consistent key feel for this mouse, making it reliable for day-to-day gaming.

Retailing at only Php 1,949 SRP, the VT9PRO redefines what it means to be a premium gaming mouse, with a full range of features, maximizing value for money.



Rapoo V300SE Sets New Standard for Wireless Gaming Mice

Rapoo’s V300SE has everything that a gamer will ever need from a wireless gaming mouse, and thus sets the new standard for this kind of product in the market.

The new entry-level mouse features a PixArt 12K gaming optical engine, which allows up to 12000 DPI/Resolution, 300 IPS tracking speed, 35g acceleration, and a standard 1ms response speed. It can last 150 hours of continuous use with its 500mAh rechargeable environment-friendly lithium battery, making it a reliable friend while gaming.

At 73g, the V300SE is also lightweight like the VT9PRO, and can switch seamlessly between wired and wireless modes. With 10 different programmable buttons, gamers have access to versatility, allowing them to do multiple actions with just a few keystrokes on their mouse, leading to better performance in gameplay.

Retailing at only Php 1,260 SRP, the V300SE is the perfect choice for the first wireless gaming mouse of every gamer.








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About Rapoo
Founded in 2002, this wireless pioneer made a long-term commitment to developing and producing innovative and high-quality wireless peripherals. In 2005 the brand Rapoo was established. In 2007, Rapoo was the first to introduce wireless equipment using the 2.4 GHz frequency band. Three years later Rapoo became China’s market leader. Based on its expertise in creating a successful range of PC peripherals, in 2014 Rapoo launched its own V Series Gaming range.
Rapoo continues leading the way into the wireless future regarding sustainability. Introducing the Multi-mode Wireless technology across Rapoo’s entire new portfolio is the latest example.


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