Top features of vivo X80 that raises bar for smartphone photography

Manila, Philippines July 22, 2022 – We get it — you want to nurture your newfound photography interest, start creating still image and  video content, and elevate your IG feed or travel blog. But you want to do all these without having to buy separate professional equipment, which means extra costs. You want to have a compact pro-standard camera and online content companion in one elegant build.


The vivo X80 is all these and more. 

Here we break down what makes the vivo X80 the best partner to take your smartphone photography to the next level and own your masterpiece. 

It packs flagship imaging chip and processor performance 

Boosting the phone’s imaging and processing power is the customized vivo V1+ hardware, the result of vivo’s 600-strong, in-house R&D team. The chip’s noise reduction technology means no grainy and pixelated shots that are common problems with night photography. There’s no need for an external light source as the V1+ automatically adjusts camera settings to produce bright photographs and render smooth videos even in the dark. With its 32MB of SRAM, the V1+ deliver high speed and energy efficiency for all those still and video work.Marking another first in the market, the X80 is the only smartphone today to incorporate the Sony IMX866 sensor. This ultra-sensing technology captures vivid and lighter images and makes photographed moments look – and feel — real. The IMX866 uses an RGBW fusion unit that greatly improves the vivo X80’s photosensitivity and guarantees accurately captured rich colors no matter how little light is available in the scene. 

At the core of the vivo X80 is the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 processor, the world’s first TSMC 4nm class smartphone chip with an octa-core CPU and improved power efficiency. That’s an all-day street photography session, vlog shoot or even all-night astrophotography assured! 

It is backed by scientifically developed ZEISS lenses and technology

Yes, the vivo X80 has the power to capture the beauty of the night sky in vivid, clear photographs and videos. 

No, it is not an exaggeration. Backed by ZEISS Optics, the pioneer in scientific optics and the company that documented man’s first steps on the moon, the vivo X80 is designed to capture vibrant low-light shots so you don’t have to worry about finding a light source when taking photos at night. 

Think bonfire with the barkada or stargazing with the family, but instead of dark, blurry shots, you get optimized night shots that capture both the scene and the people. The vivo X80’’s state-of-the-art glass lenses equipped with the ZEISS T* coating technology and ALD coating makes this possible, along with the upgraded hardware and software developed by the vivo ZEISS co-engineered imaging system.

Sample shot of vivo X80 at night

It features top-grade camera capability

The vivo X80 co-engineered with ZEISS promises the ultimate imaging experience and output across different photography categories from portraits, group to landscape shots and even city scenes. Its main rear camera supports 50MP and the super wide-angle camera has a low distortion design to yield larger and intact images. 

For even better portraits, the AI Skin Retouching and AI HD algorithms enhance facial details without making the face look unnatural, and both work even in extreme low light. The AI feature also applies to group shots of up to 30 people, ensuring every face is as clear and vibrant as the rest. 

For outdoor or urban photography making use of city lights, which create a cinematic effect but can also produce unnecessary glare and straylight, the vivo X80 has the answer. It ensures no backlight can ruin the picture even as you stand directly under street lamps. No more worries with perspective distortion either when taking building and skyscraper shots.

It has pro settings perfect for filmmakers

Cinematic masterpieces are within reach with the vivo X80’s professional settings and capabilities. Capture movement and flow, experiment with transitions and explore creative angles without worrying about uneven perspective with the vivo X80’s Active Centering OIS System. This enables the lenses to actively return to the center position while keeping the picture still as it transitions from one frame to another, solving laggy frame transition and motion blur problems. 

So, go ahead and shoot your own or your friend’s dance videos or even short films. Even extreme sports and performance videos are no longer just the turf of the pros. With the vivo X80’s 360° Horizon Leveling Stabilization feature, you have the power of a professional sports camera to handle movement no matter how extreme without messing up the shot. 

With a wide 2.39:1 film-standard aspect ratio, you can set the mood, move the story forward and let the colors and details tell the story through the vivo X80’s Cinematic Toning Templates. Film-quality color tones inspired by the most beloved film color grades are possible with a few clicks sans external apps to color correct each frame. 

Immerse yourself in the ultimate professional imaging experience with the vivo X80. Produce studio-quality portraits and create cinematic masterpieces without the complicated settings and bulky gadgets. 

The vivo X80 is available for Php45,999 on vivo’s e-comm website, Shopee and Lazada. For more information and updates, you may visit vivo’s official Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels. 















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