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Want to make your house smell good and safe from viruses? Check out Shopee’s deal on SC Johnsons products. As always don’t forget to download the Shopee app on the app store! 

Glade Automatic Primary – Ocean Escapes One of the greatest innovations from Glade modern and stylish fully automated and battery operation spray fully automated air freshener you can place anywhere inside your home! Make your hope smell like the ocean by clicking the link

FamilyGuard Disinfectant Room & Multisurface  Spray Aerosol fragrance-free 280mL

Kills the virus that can cause covid-19 Disinfect air, hard and soft surfaces have an antimicrobial action that eliminates odors from the source, and its safe to use around pets and children. Link to the product can be found here

Baygon Multi Insect killer kerosene-based 500mL

Delivers fast knockdown formula proven against multiple insects type. To get your hands on the tried and tested Baygon, click the link here

Mr. muscle All-purpose Cleaner 2L- Wild Lavender 

Kill 99% of common household germs when used pure ideal for floors, tiles, kitchen counters, sinks, and other washable surfaces, comes in great fragrances wild lavender, fresh lemon, floral perfection. Get yours now!

Pledge Furniture Lemon 330mL 

There’s nothing more impressive than a home that gleams. Pledge furniture polish improves the appearance of most hard surfaces by removing dust and fingerprints and providing a protective, glossy, and coating leaving without a waxy build-up. Picks up dust and dirt removes smudges and fingerprints. Polishes surfaces and leaves a film that protects ordinary wear, water spills, and stains. Get yours now





















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