Every moment does truly count. As 2021 is slowly sinking in, everyone is definitely set with all
their plans, goals, and desired outcome for the year that’s about to happen. Productivity,
connection, wellness – these are definitely some of the goals you have right up your ally.
That’s why HUAWEI’s special Light Up Moments promo offer is here, to give you the best
devices that will help you conquer anything that’s about to come.


Now, is your last chance to score your most coveted HUAWEI devices up until February 28!
HUAWEI’s Light Up Moments promo features some of the brand’s most beloved and favorite
devices are now offered at discounted prices with freebies that will help you cover each and
every moment at your very best.



HUAWEI’s signature 1+8+N ecosystem is carefully imprinted in each device allowing
seamless connectivity throughout all your other devices. From a single touch on your
HUAWEI smartphone, it can act as a remote for either your laptop, smartwatch, tablets,
wearables and even more. From this, the HUAWEI Ecosystem is sure to deliver a way of
living for consumers that is both more intelligent and future-ready.

This year, HUAWEI will be soon launching a set of devices that will amplify user experience to
enhance daily routines for productivity, entertainment, wellness and every other aspect of
your life! Stay tuned for exciting updates from the brand as HUAWEI’s upcoming devices will
surely entice you to live out every moment in the best way that you can.



Huawei’s signature MateBook line that offers consumers seamless experience with its
intelligent features such as the HUAWEI Share and the Multi-Screen collaboration which
allows convenient and efficient connectivity from all your HUAWEI devices.
Huawei MateBook D14 and MateBook D15 – These laptops are perfect for students and
young professionals on the go with its slim design, aesthetic features powered by AMD and
the latest intel core processors which are perfect for the new normal’s learn and work from
home set-ups.

Users can further enhance productivity with using a NFC-configured HUAWEI
phone or tablets to tap, share files or take the conversions from devices to the laptops!
Huawei MateBook D14 is now priced at Php 39,999 (from SRP Php 42,999) for Ryzen 7
variant and at Php 35,999 (form SRP Php 39,999) for Ryzen 5 variant with a FREE Bluetooth
speaker worth Php 1,499.

While the Huawei MateBook D15 is priced at Php 39,999 (from
Php 40,999) for Ryzen 7 variant and Php 35,999 (from Php 37,990) for Ryzen 5 variant which
also comes with a FREE Bluetooth speaker worth Php 1,499 as well.

The HUAWEI MateBook 14 on the other-hand is a full-powered productivity device that’s
equipped to take you through any challenges with ease and convenience! Sporting a 2K
FullView display (3:2 aspect ratio), aluminium alloy chassis and octa-core AMD Ryzen 4000H
Series processor, this premium ultrabook will definitely get each job done with ease. It is
priced at Php 54,999 and comes with a FREE Bluetooth speaker worth Php 1,499.



Gain better connectivity with HUAWEI’s signature phones! From the world-class design and
aesthetics, powerful processors, superb features and upgraded network connectivity – you’re
set to conquer these devices by your side.

The Huawei P40 Pro is equipped with the edge-to-edge Horizon Display, Leica Ultra Vision
Camera system, and Kirin 9000 5G chipset which will stylishly get you ahead of the game
when it comes to speed and connectivity. Get yours at Php 45,999 (from SRP Php 50,990)
with a FREE wireless Charging table lamp worth Php 2,499.

For the youth and something more affordable, HUAWEI’s Y series will tick everything from
your list from its specs to its unbelievable price point. The Huawei Y7a is packed with
segment-busting features like 48Mp Quad-AI cameras, a huge 5000mAh batery and 22.5W
SuperCharge capability all for a very affordable price at Php 7,499 (from Php 8,999) with a
FREE umbrella worth Php 499.

The Huawei Y7 comes with a 6.26-inch Dewdrop Display,
4GB RAM + 64GB of storage, and a huge 4,000mAh battery at Php 5,999 (from SRP Php
6,999) with a FREE Notebook worth Php 299.

HUAWEI’s signature Nova series like Huawei Nova 7i – shames most flagships with its five AI
cameras, 40W SuperCharge offering, and boosted with a Kirin 810 chipset that allows users
to play, connect and enjoy all day. You can get this at Php 11,999 (from Php 12,999) with a
FREE Bluetooth speaker worth Php 1,499.



Your health and wellness, should be at the top of your list. This includes staying active,
relaxed and of course challenging your intellect for you to stay recharged and ready for
whatever’s coming next.

Get active with the Huawei Watch Fit which as over 12 animated workouts and over 10 days
battery life boosted with a gorgeous AMOLED display. You can even connect your watch to
you phone to track your health using the HUAWEI Health App, whether it be for sleep

monitoring or oxygen levels. Get yours at promo price, Php 4,499 (from Php 4,999) with a
FREE notebook worth Php 299.

Ease your mind and unleash your creativity with some relaxing downtime which spells quality
entertainment! The Huawei FreeBuds Pro has intelligent Active Noise Cancelling, which
immerses consumers to soak in a chill afternoon listening to your favorite tunes, or watching a
movie with no disturbance while still staying stylish with its built-in comfortable design.

You can get this at Php 6,999 (from Php 7,999) and comes FREE Huawei FreeBuds Pro case
worth Php 399.



Apart from an afternoon of good music, you can tune in with a good tablet like
the Huawei MatePad where you can explore creativity or catch-up on your reading with the
MatePad’s 10.4-inch FullView Display, M-Pencil support and 7,250mAh of endurance. Get
this at promo price Php 18,999 (from Php 20,990) which comes with a FREE Bluetooth
speaker worth Php 1,499.


To know more, you may check this link:

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MateBook D15
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Huawei P40 Pro
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Huawei Y7a
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Huawei Y7
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Huawei Nova 7i
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Huawei Watch Fit
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Huawei FreeBuds Pro
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Huawei MatePad
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