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Keep Your Work Environment Safe With the LG Duct UVnano Filter Box!

Businesses are slowly coming back to life. Lockdown restrictions have been lifted and COVID vaccines have become more accessible and commonplace. For better or for worse, RTO or return to office is the current buzzword. 


As employees now prepare to return to work in their offices, employers and building owners are now facing the challenge in ensuring everyone’s safety and curb the potential Covid-19 outbreak, as the threat of Covid-19 should be dealt with seriously. The need to improve indoor environments not only relates to comfort and convenience but also takes indoor air quality into consideration. To meet this need, LG has developed the LG Duct UVnano Filter Box. This new innovation is a complementary product that is installed at the return air side of the unit and aims to clean indoor air and improve air quality. 

LG Duct UVnano Filter Box consists of three main components: pre-filter, UVnano (UVC LED), and MERV 13 filter (ePM1 50% filter). The filters are both accessible either from the side or the bottom of the unit. The pre-filter is the first component and it traps larger dust particles. They prevent the MERV-13 filter from getting clogged with larger particles so that it can filter smaller pollutants more efficiently. The pre-filter doesn’t need replacement and can be washed and re-used.

The second component is the UVnano LEDs. These UV LEDs shoot UVC (or ultraviolet type C) beams of light on the pre-filter and disinfect it. The LEDs are tilted with an angle to shoot in the direction of the pre-filter, which is placed in front of the MERV-13 filter. The UVnano has a 99.99% sterilization capability against bacteria and viruses parasitized on bacteria, and it can be used semi-permanently without the need to be replaced.

The third component of the filter is a 2-inch thick MERV 13 filter. This filter has an ISO 16890 classification of ePM1 50%. This filter can trap at least 50% of the PM­1 dust particles in the air passing through it. Particles as small as 0.3μm in diameter can be sufficiently trapped, cleaning and providing healthier air indoors. According to American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) recommendations, MERV 13 is the minimum filter grade for non-healthcare facilities to reduce airborne infectious aerosol exposure. The filter is replaced after 960 hours of operation. The user is notified of the replacement time through an alarm from the wired remote control.

LG’s revolutionary UVnano technology has been a key innovation during the height of COVID19. It is used in the South Korean brand’s top-of-the-line air-conditioners, air-purifiers, and even the wearable mask. The ultraviolet light emitted kills bacteria and potential pathogens. UVC is completely absorbed by the ozone layer in the atmosphere and it is germicidal. It can disrupt micro-organisms’ ability to reproduce by causing chemical changes in the nucleic acids that form their RNA and DNA.

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