GetReadyWithMusic is a playful, interactive experience that invites users to take a quiz to get personalized playlists inspired by the textures, tones and vibes of their outfit.


“We had such a great time working with Spotify on the GetReadyWithMusic feature. I love how we were able to dress up and make different playlists for every look – and of course listening to amazing music the whole time!”  Dixie and Charli D’Amelio enthused. 

Whether it’s getting ready for a night out, prepping for a workout, or heading out for dinner with friends, Spotify is helping listeners soundtrack their “GRWM” (or, “get ready with me”) routines, no matter the occasion.


Here’s how to discover the experience for yourself:

  1. First, make sure you have the latest version of the Spotify app.

  2. Visit on your mobile device (available on iOS and Android).

  3. Next, answer the prompted questions to tell Spotify about the vibes of your outfit–this is where you’ll share what you’re getting ready for, and describe your fit’s color story and texture.

  4. Then, upload a photo of yourself in the outfit to serve as the cover of your new playlist.

  5. Finally, you’ll receive a personalized, outfit-complementing playlist – complete with custom cover art–to stream and share with friends on social.

  6. Once you’ve gone through the experience a few times, don’t forget to check out your Music Closet–where you’ll find all of the outfit playlists you’ve created so far.

New Gen Podcasts! 

“Fall in love with Spotify’s latest Originals that gives young Filipinos the lowdown from love to Pinoy culture. Psst, with Spotify’s latest feature, these video podcasts, it’s almost like being in the same room!














Reel-and-real life couple Kyline Alcantara and Mavy Legaspi realize their passion project and venture into podcasting through MavLine on Me, designed to open up their love story to a broader audience, through a variety of conversations and to give a voice to their fellow young wallflowers.

Social media star Nana Silayro joins Spotify with Talking Nansense with Nana Silayro. With co-host Tomas Falconite, Nana promises light-hearted topics and conversations that would be a perfect companion for any activity–whether in transit, while on a leisurely walk, or even before bedtime.

Need a Pick-me up? Here’s Your Podcast Playlist RX 

When in Need of Advice
Spotify offers Hinga Muna, a reminder that you are not alone, and that it’s important to take a pause and reflect. Featuring a wide range of podcast topics, from climate anxieties and parenting to a judgment-free exploration of sexuality, this playlist is your audio safe space.

Inspiration for Pinays

Pinay Voices captures just how powerful the modern Filipina woman is. For all your empowerment needs, there is a conversation you can join – for the soul-centered entrepreneur who needs reassurance that she’s navigating her business right, for the woman on-the-go who feels the need to re-center, there’s bound to be an episode here for every type of Pinay.


Kapag Pwede Daanin sa Tawa

Laughter is the best medicine, and relatable Pinoy humor is just what the doctor ordered. In Tawa Muna, episodes such as the evergreen topic of age differences in relationships and a TV review unlike any other invite you to listen in. While you’re at it, it’s okay to laugh out loud.








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