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Get All Your Hobby-Related Gadgets on Sale at Shopee’s 4.4 Mega Electronics Sale

This March 24, cameras, gaming keyboards, digital pencils, and more are on sale for up to 90% off

MANILA, MARCH 22, 2021 – Shopee, we’ve all been spending more time at home these days, and while we all sorely miss the outdoors, one saving grace is the new hobbies we wouldn’t have had the time to pick up otherwise. Whether it’s an interest in art, music, gaming, or fitness, these varied hobbies we’ve discovered surely kept us busy and entertained this past year. Did you know that exploring new passions can also result in learning more skills and improved mental health?

Now that you’ve found a hobby you’re fully interested in, it’s time to level up. To completely immerse yourself in your new hobby, you need the right tools. Below, we’ve compiled a list of electronics each serial hobbyist needs to equip themselves with, from cameras to air fryers. The best part? You’ll get the best bang for your buck since they’re all on sale this March 24 at Shopee’s Mega Electronics Sale, where you can enjoy discounts up to 90% off!

For the aspiring creators

You’ve always been interested in the arts. Now, you’re finally taking the time to develop your talent and creativity! Flex your burgeoning videography skills with the waterproof DJI Digital Camera, which offers dynamic HDR video, 4K/60fps resolution, and reliable stabilization technology. For audiophiles and musicians, enjoy up to five hours of high-quality, noise-canceling sound with the JBL Portable Bluetooth Speaker. If you’re dabbling in digital art, the Fonken Digital Pencil can be used for painting and writing on Android and Apple devices for up to ten hours. Store all your videos, songs, and artwork safely in this HP 2TB Flash Drive, which has a read rate of 16Mb-20Mb/S and a write rate of 6-10 Mb/S.

For the budding gamers

Did you fall into the online gaming rabbit hole during quarantine and spend a lot of sleepless nights binging your new favorite games? Juggle work and play with the Acer Aspire 5, which comes with a memory of 4GB DDR4 and storage of 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD. To complete your gaming setup, Zeus Gaming Keyboard and Mouse provides a response frequency of 1000Hz and anti-ghosting technology. If you prefer something more portable, Oppo A92 features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor, making it a lightweight yet reliable mobile gaming device.


For the striving fitness buffs

We all became more conscious of our health this year. If you’ve gotten into working out, track your progress with Huawei Honor Band 6. Choose from its wide range of sports modes, including running, walking, and swimming. Maintain your goal weight by cooking oil-free, homemade meals using Cherry Air Fryer, which comes with multiple functions such as a baking tray, bread machine, microwave oven, and electric oven. Motivate yourself by monitoring any changes with the Xiaomi Smart Weighing Scale. This smart weighing scale collects and interprets data measurements, including weight, BMI, and muscle mass.

Invest in your hobbies and interests to further your skills, give yourself that much-deserved mental break, and improve your well-being. For more information, visit Don’t forget to top up your ShopeePay for more deals.







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