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HUAWEI FreeBuds SE: Impressive sound quality in a small package!

The TWS earphone market has turned into a superstar from an underdog and electronic brands are constantly trying to out-do one another in this segment. Cheap TWS or wireless earbuds usually compromise on quality. Well, the first entry-class TWS from Huawei, FreeBuds SE, is marketed as offering premium quality and prices that are still pocket-friendly.



At first glance, the FreeBuds SE design is reminiscent of Huawei’s previous TWS, the FreeBuds 4i. It’s very similar.  The HUAWEI FreeBuds SE’s semi-in-ear design is designed to fit the contours of the outer ear and reduce pressure on the ear canal, ensuring breathability and light weight.

Due to its semi-in-ear design and extremely light weight, listening to music, watching movies or playing games for hours doesn’t make your head or ears tired.

 In addition, the HUAWEI FreeBuds SE comes with three different sized silicone chips that are as light as feathers, and the flexible material is more skin-friendly. Users can choose the size of the silicon chip according to their needs, so they can wear the earphones comfortably and enjoy a laid-back experience.


As for the features, the Huawei FreeBuds SE FreeBuds SE does not have ANC or active noise canceling, transparency mode, or support for wireless charging. To be honest, we really weren’t expecting too much or any features at all for an entry level TWS earbuds and that’s okay with us. The absence of the ANC feature is nothing to worry about as the semi-in-ear design and silicone ear tips are able to passively ward off noise quite well.

Huawei includes the Huawei AI Life application. This application is available for download by all Android and iOS phone users. The application is very simple. Only the gesture setting option and the option to disable the wear detection feature are available.

FreeBuds SE relies on the G-sensor and IR sensors for gesture settings and wear detection. The gesture function only supports the 2x tap function at the top of the left and right earphone module stems. Other options such as Next / Previous Track and Virtual Assistant can be selected via the Huawei AI Life application.

 Huawei has integrated two microphones with active noise canceling features. The dual-mic beamforming technology distinguishes the target voice from ambient noise with a high level of accuracy, to ensure that every call is crystal clear, even in crowded and noisy areas.

The FreeBuds SE uses Bluetooth 5.2 which significantly minimizes lag, bringing the sound into lockstep with the action onscreen. This is especially useful if you are playing games on your phone and find your wireless earphones just can’t keep up with the action.

To start connecting you can press the button on the inside of the protective case until the LED light flashes quickly.

It also supports Open-to-pair features. Thanks to this feature, FreeBuds SE only needs to be connected once the first time you use it to your phone or other device. For further use when the protective box is opened FreeBuds SE will be directly connected and ready to use.



Audio quality seems to be an elusive term, but in fact it has extremely high requirements on the hardware. HUAWEI FreeBuds SE adopts custom acoustic components, and a 10mm large dynamic driver is placed in its compact body. The bass is surging and powerful, and the wide sound field delivers wonderful audio quality.

Thanks to the rigorous audio tuning process, HUAWEI FreeBuds SE is finely tuned for playing pop music. Vocals are emphasized within a balanced tri-channel audio framework, making it the perfect medium to appreciate all your favorite music.  The bass is powerful, especially for the drumbeats, which is crisp and impactful.  Meanwhile, the treble is soft and flexible, highlighting the melodious instruments.  The midrange is also vivid, the vocals are full and transparent, and the sound presented the story of the music clearly.



With a fully charged charging case, it can provide 24 hours of music playback and a pair of fully charged earbuds could provide 6 hours of continuous music playback.  Whether it is a long-distance trip or a full-day online course, users can keep it going without worrying about the battery level. For voice calls, HUAWEI FreeBuds SE could  provide 16 hours of call with a fully charged charging box, and the earbuds can be  used for 4 hours when fully charged, allowing users to listen and use as they please1.






















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