Toshiba The winning Products Honored with Five Accolades at GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2020

Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) has clinched five*1 distinctions at Japan’s Good Design Award 2020. These annual awards sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion honors good design and quality of products. Toshiba’s overall commitment to improving people’s lives through a safe, secure, and comfortable living Distribution System, Toshiba’s latest work for secure communication, and Spot/Zone Air Conditioner [FLEXAIR Indoor Unit], a compact, efficient and energy-saving air conditioner, are recognized by the award. affirming 

Outline of Toshiba’s winning products

 Quantum Key Distribution System – Toshiba Corporation

As quantum computers are evolving rapidly, it is crucial to develop an effective encryption method to ensure secure communications. Toshiba developed its first commercial-grade Quantum Key Distribution System to protect against tampering and eavesdropping attacks. The device is aesthetically designed with a delicately carved and durable metal housing to convey its robustness and reliability that supports information safety and security.

Spot/Zone Air Conditioner [FLEXAIR Indoor Unit] – joint application with Toshiba Carrier Corporation

Toshiba Honored with Five Accolades at GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2020

To promote energy savings and mitigate global warming, Toshiba developed FLEXAIR, an air-conditioner that considerably reduces energy consumption by heating or cooling only the required spaces without compromising comfort. This lightweight air conditioner it can install at places that were previously considered unsuitable by connecting multiple units. Each unit is designed by a square shape that creates a sense of unity, whether connected vertically or horizontally. The simple geometric shape achieves the compactness and the function of wind adjustment at the same time. These designs allow for flexible installation in different environments.

Other award-winning products

3. 4K OLED TV [REGZA 65/55/48X9400 Series] – joint application with Toshiba Visual Solutions Corporation

4. Refrigerator [GR-S36SV] – joint application with Toshiba Lifestyle Products & Services Corporation

5. Combination Convection Steam Microwave Oven [ER-VD7000] – joint application with Toshiba Lifestyle Products & Services Corporation


About The Good Design Award

Established in 1957, Good Design Award is Japan’s leading commendation system. Eligible for a wide range of works, including products, architecture, application and software, projects, and initiatives that utilize design, and more. Through this system, many people come in contact with “good design” and appreciate their value. The recognition rate of the award is 84%*, with its familiar symbol, G-Mark.

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