The invention of passwords in the 1960s changed the digital world as we know it. Passwords are now an unconscious standard practice in our lives; from your first pet to the street you grew up on, they are deeply ingrained in our minds. Passwords today are the primary guardians of our privacy, personal data, and finances.


Despite this knowledge, passwords are often viewed complacently, even though simple, easy-to-guess passwords are insecure. Your dog’s name, spouse’s name, birthdate, and other words and phrases related to your life that are easily discoverable on your social media profiles are easy for attackers to discover.

While the onus of ensuring security and protecting data does lie on the companies that collect and store this data, there is quite a bit consumers can do on their end to secure their credentials. World Password Day 2023 is driven by the purpose of raising awareness about the importance of strong passwords and encouraging individuals and organizations to take steps to improve their password security. With the increasing prevalence of cyberattacks and data breaches, it is more important than ever to use strong and unique passwords to protect our online accounts and personal information.

Based on research, 91% of people know that using the same password on multiple accounts is a security risk, yet 66% continue to use the same password anyway. Steven Scheurmann, Regional Vice President for ASEAN at Palo Alto Networks, provides simple but effective measures to make passwords the primary guardian of your personal and professional

By taking these steps, individuals and organizations can help improve their password security and protect their online accounts and personal information. Learn more about how to create a stronger cybersecurity posture with an intelligent, automated, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven security operations center by checking out Palo Alto Networks’ World Password Day webinar.







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