Which Old Spice Body Spray is your Valentine’s Day scent?

Keep romance alive with the scent that never dies

Long-lasting to the point of forever. That’s what invincible men like you are in for with the sniff-worthy freshness of Old Spice Body Spray, which proves specially important with Valentine’s Day right around the corner.


With a scent that literally never dies, even your soul will be bathed in Old Spice’s masculine fragrance with modern embellishments. As a testament to its defiant permanence—impervious even to sweat from the most laborious everyday tasks—Old Spice dares brave, everyday men to put the essence of the brand to the test this heart’s day with your significant other.

Valentine’s Day, will you still be date-ready even after a full day’s worth of gaming, amid the heart-pumping and sweaty-skin-stuck-to-leather-gaming-chair action? If your special someone is craving for Korean Barbeque, will the scent hold up or will you get smoked? And speaking of smoke, how will you fare in the streets when you commute with your date?

These are nonconcerns for Old Spice, of course, as its body spray presents a scent developed to last all day. It offers range, too, with five irresistible options to choose from. Each one is developed to suit a certain type, but all are equally ravishing and hard to resist. This Heart’s Day, choose from the five Old Spice Body Spray types according to the date you have in mind.

Bearglove– Have you always envisioned yourself as a sexy lumberjack? If you’re hitting the great outdoors with your date this V-Day, go with the Old Spice Body Spray Bearglove. It combines hints of apple, citrus, and a little spice with the heartbeat of a wild animal. Rawr!

Captain– Let all of them go “Aye, aye!” with the commanding suaveness of The Old Spice Body Spray Captain. Perfect for a beach trip, it smells like bold determination with an invigorating splash of fresh sandalwood.

Krakengard– Citrus and the wood of countless ships dragged to their watery graves. That’s what The Old Spice Body Spray Krakengard is all about, along with a ridiculously long-lasting scent. Wear it if you feel like going on a bayside dining date.

Magnate– This Valentine’s Day, if you’re up for the scent of Cedarwood, lime and pure confidence, then The Old Spice Body Spray Magnate is definitely the one for you. Confidence, baby. Confidence.

Wolfthorn– Capture the smell and mystique of a seductive night with The Old Spice Body Spray Wolfthorn. It’s the sharpest romantic mystery available in a smelling solution. Rest assured, romantic dinners will never be the same.

Whatever long-lasting Old Spice Body Spray you’ll be wearing this Valentine’s Day, be prepared to smell fresh from February 14 onwards. To get your fragrance A-Game on, get your now Old Spice Body Spray on Lazada and Shopee









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