Whisper’s #ShareTheConfidence Advocacy is Building a Community of Confident Girls

“Sharing is caring” has come a long way for Whisper’s Presko Squad as they achieved a special milestone through their #ShareTheConfidence campaign. Together with World Vision and Shopee Philippines, the program pulled-in help from girls around the Philippines in breaking myths on menstruation and empowering local communities on menstrual hygiene. 


Whisper Presko Squad Goals Achieved

Over 25,000 beneficiaries across World Vision’s communities will receive Whisper pads, which is also in line with its “Buy-One, Share-One” e-commerce campaign. Whisper pledged to match and donate menstrual hygiene essentials for every Whisper product sold on Shopee from May 28 to June 30, 2022. It successfully delivered its first batch of donations to a World Vision community in Laurel, Batangas last month, with over 12,000 seen to benefit from the initial set of goods.

Program participants were young students, Lyke and Ladyline, from Balakilong Integrated School. The two expressed their gratitude to P&G, Whisper, Shopee Philippines, and World Vision – quoting, “Ito po’y importante sa amin dahil kahit bata pa kami ay mapoprotektahan at maaalagaan na namin ang aming mga sarili, ang aming mga kaibigan at mga mahal sa buhay. Natutunan din namin na dapat hindi ikinakahiya [and menstruation] dahil ito ay natural na pinagdadaanan ng mga babae, at buong tapang po namin itong haharapin dahil alam po namin na hindi kami nagiisa pag sumapit po ito.”

Aside from the community in Batangas, Whisper also partnered with communities across Philippines, including Baseco, Malabon, Quezon City, Misamis Occidental, and Zamboanga del Norte.

The communities received donations of Whisper sanitary products, along with a provision of Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials, co-made with World Vision. The beneficiaries were likewise taught the 4 components of Menstrual Hygiene Management, which included:

  1. Access to Menstrual Products

  2. Access to Soap and Water for Cleaning

  3. Access to Safe and Proper Menstrual Disposal
  4. Access to Period Education

“Sharing the Confidence Forward”

In one of the programs, Diana Nachor, who is the Health & Nutrition Technical Specialist of World Vision Development Foundation, Inc., shared the partnership’s goal to debunk period myths and promote better menstrual health. 

“Girls need to feel empowered to manage menstruation safely and hygienically with confidence and without shame – where no woman or girl is to be limited by something as natural and normal as her period,” she said.

Charm Banzuelo, P&G Senior Communications Manager, echoed the sentiment and added, “In many countries and communities, girls tend to miss some school days and other activities because of menstruation. It is crucial that we engage schools and families with period education and products so that women can fully, confidently, and equally participate in everyday life and take charge of their future.
We hope that this simple gift goes a long way and that we can pass and share the confidence along.”

Making Legacy

GenZ icons Belle Mariano and Andrea Brillantes fostered discussions around the advocacy along with other icons: AC Bonifacio, Kyline Alcantara, Maris Racal, and Francine Diaz committing to the success of #ShareTheConfidence campaign.

Another Whisper Presko Squad member and Batangas-native, Ayn Bernos, celebrated the brand’s recent donation drive that occurred in her hometown. She creates a heartfelt post on Instagram, mentioning “I’m on my second day of my period today. No biggie. More than a decade into this shared experience and I know how valuable support and guidance is especially to young girls going through puberty and their first period.”

Within #ShareTheConfidence, Whisper promotes its Whisper Breathable Cottony Soft pad among the participants. With this pad, it gives women the airy freshness and reliable leakage protection through its topsheet, which contains thousands of airflow vents locking the fluids in. It also helps in keeping women’s sensitive skin dry and clean, enabling women to avoid dreaded hot, stuffy, and sticky period situations.

If you want to support the #ShareTheConfidence campaign and be part of Whisper’s Presko Squad, check out https://www.facebook.com/WhisperPhilippines/ for future programs and campaigns. You can also visit Whisper’s official Shopee store and click ‘add to cart’ now!









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