Janine Gutierrez shares how switching to Samsung Galaxy enabled her multi-faceted lifestyle

When it comes to pursuing passions, today’s multi-hyphenates sure know a thing or two about balancing one’s interests and living an epic lifestyle. Just ask Janine Gutierrez, one of the country’s it girls who splits her time as a dynamic actress, content creator and entrepreneur.

Janine at the Nightography booth of the Epic After Hours launch. The Galaxy Gallery highlights vivid and epic shots taken with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. 

For someone who has a variety of epic passions, it’s no surprise that she’s loving being a part of #TeamGalaxy, which she shared during the Samsung Epic After Hours event. With her multi-faceted lifestyle, she shared how the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra had become an essential tool that helps stay ultra-productive and helps her pursue her diverse galaxy of interests!

Empowering Productivity and Seamlessly Switching Roles

As Janine passionately pursues her various interests, she relies on the Galaxy S23 Ultra to keep up with her demanding schedule. As she juggles simultaneous projects, Janine draws a parallel between transitioning from one role to another in her teleserye stints and switching to the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. She praises the Smart Switch feature, which allows her to transfer all her important files, notes, and memories without any concerns. 

Janine has always confidently embraced change and she knows her new phone will seamlessly adapt to her needs — just like she does when playing different characters. The simplicity and convenience of Smart Switch left her impressed. ”All your photos, videos, lahat ng files niyo, apps…you can transfer easily through a wireless connection or through a USB cable and it’s all in your new phone,” she said. 

Janine’s love for organization and productivity also finds a perfect match in the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s features. The S-Pen, seamlessly integrated into the phone, also allows her to effortlessly jot down notes, highlight scripts, and create shot lists for her content. As a self-proclaimed lover of making lists, Janine shared how in the past she typically reached for scratch paper which would inevitably be lost but with the S-Pen’s instant accessibility, she never misses a brilliant idea or important detail, empowering her to multitask effectively. 

She explains, “I love the S-Pen because aside from it already being embedded in the phone, it doesn’t add extra bulk or anything. The S-Pen really helps me to balance my different passions, to be on top of my schedule. When you pop it out, the note feature comes out instantly, so you can scribble, you won’t forget what you were planning to write down.”

Janine talks about how easy it was to make the switch to #TeamGalaxy with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Uninterrupted Performance and Long-Lasting Battery 

Janine’s hectic lifestyle demands a phone that can keep up. With the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s exceptional battery life, it eliminates the need to carry a power bank.  The reliable and long-lasting battery ensures uninterrupted connectivity, enabling the actress to stay connected throughout the day, no matter how packed her schedule may be. 

Fueling Creativity and Content Creation

Janine’s role as a content creator on her YouTube channel is a testament to her creativity. With the phone’s remarkable camera capabilities, she captures stunning photos and videos that resonate with her audience. The Nightography and Zoom features elevate her content creation game, allowing her to capture memorable moments, especially during concerts and in low-light situations. Janine is delighted by the exceptional quality of the photos and videos, enhancing her ability to share her experiences authentically.

Janine Gutierrez on Embracing #TeamGalaxy 

Janine sums up her experience. “I got my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in March, a few months ago, so I have really gotten to know the phone well and I can say that it has really changed my life. It’s been my ‘all-around’ [device] with the different aspects in my life, it has helped me fuel my passions.”

Janine Gutierrez’s love for the Galaxy S23 Ultra is evident as she finds a perfect companion in her pursuit of diverse passions. “I would consider myself as someone who likes to do many things,” Janine explains, “I’m acting but at the same time I’m trying to create content, make vlogs and also have a small business. So with a phone [like the Galaxy S23] I’m able to combine all my different passions into one epic, smooth experience.” 

The phone’s productivity features, effortless switching experience, exceptional battery life, and impressive camera capabilities fuel her ambitions and empower her to excel in every role she plays. 

As Janine confidently embraces the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, she invites others to experience the same seamless integration and unmatched performance that has transformed her own journey. And getting a Galaxy S23 Ultra or S23 series phone is easier than ever at The Great Samsung Sale happening now until June 25.  Enjoy a free Galaxy Buds2 Pro when you buy any of the Galaxy S23 Series or a free Galaxy Watch5 4mm if you buy a Galaxy S23 Series phone via trade-in.

For more information on the Galaxy S23 series, visit: www.samsung.com/ph/smartphones/galaxy-s23/, www.samsung.com/ph/smartphones/galaxy-s23-ultra/, www.news.samsung.com/global or www.samsung.com/global/galaxy/.






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