Amazfit BIP U Exclusive Launch on Shopee! 2020


amazfit bip u
60+ sports mode Amazfit BIP U

We live in an age where we heavily rely on technology. You may take that positively or negatively as you want but that is true. We use our phones to keep updated on our social life and get updated on the latest news around the world just like what you’re doing now by reading this article.

Amazfit knows where the future is headed and that’s why they will soon launch the latest Amazfit BIP U series exclusively on Shopee. Download the Shopee app on the App Store or visit Shopee. ph to get your hands on this beauty. 


Before you decide to purchase the Amazfit BIP U and head to the nearest gym to try it out, let me give you a quick rundown on the specifications of this little beast starting with the display. The Amazfit BIP U has a customized 1.43″ HD stylish square screen which offers a larger display area than a round watch face of the same width, so it can carry more information not to mention you can personalize your BIP U with over 50 watch faces to whichever suits your mood and outfit, or you can upload your own photos for a more personalized watch face. The Bip U also supports animated watch faces that make every glance at your watch a unique experience.


Now once you’re at the gym showing off your new smartwatch to your mates, you might be wondering what it can do. Well, the Bip U records your exercise data to help you work out at a higher level. You can check your walking distance, speed, heart rate changes, calories burned, and other key factors such as whether you are exercising in your fat-burning zone or cardiopulmonary strengthening zone based on your heart rate, as well as providing instant alerts when your heart rate gets too high.

This smartwatch is also equipped with a newly upgraded biological optical tracking sensor, the BioTrackerTM 2, that supports the measurement of blood oxygen saturation. When feeling unwell, under mental stress, engaged in intensive workouts such as marathons and gym sessions, or in high-altitude and hypoxic environments, you can immediately measure your blood-oxygen saturation and understand your physical state.


When fully charged, you can relax and enjoy potentially more than a full week of travel or work without worrying about chargers. Enjoy from five to nine days of activity and progress with one less charger in your bag.


Now that you have a general idea of what this smartwatch can do, grab yours now by visiting Amazfit’s official Shopee store by clicking here and find an even wider range of watches to suit your needs. 

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