TP-Link’s Tapo C211 Wi-Fi Camera Debuts Exclusively with PC Express

TP-Link, a global leader in networking and connectivity solutions, is proud to announce, in exclusive partnership with PC Express – one of the country’s leading computer retailers, the launch of its newest smart home security solution – The Tapo C211 Wi-Fi Camera. This partnership will offer consumers access to TP-Link’s most innovative Tapo C211 Wi-Fi Camera, which will be exclusively available at PC Express outlets for the entire first month of their release from October 17 to November 12, 2023.


Designed by the industry’s leading provider of home solutions, the Tapo C211 is specifically modeled for families, savvy small business owners, and entrepreneurs who operate from home. The newest Wi-Fi camera system is an indispensable tool for safeguarding your valuable assets and personal belongings. It is also perfect for keeping an eye on dear loved ones, your family, children, and even pets. Keeping you close and in action no matter how far you are. 

The Tapo C211 Wi-Fi Camera is designed to provide you with the most advanced features with its crystal clear 2K 3MP camera, offering a 360-degree panoramic view and a 114-degree tilt view for comprehensive coverage. 

TP-Link goes beyond for your safety, continually improving your home security with the following Tapo C211 features:

Easy In-app Set-up and Remote Monitoring: Easily set up, control, and access your camera through the Tapo App. In just a few clicks, you can have your security system up and running. The Tapo App also allows you to stay close with remote monitoring, letting you see the camera’s view from your smartphone and receive real-time notifications from home, keeping you informed and in control no matter how far you are.

Two-Way Audio: Stay connected to your home at all times with two-way audio communication, enabling you to interact with family members, pets, or visitors remotely through the Tapo C211’s built-in microphone and speaker system.

Person and Motion Detection: The Tapo C211 can track and follow subjects, and detect motion in its view. Get a notification on your phone when motion is detected, from a car pulling up in your driveway, or a parcel delivery, you can instantly be in the know of what’s going on at home.

Advanced Night Vision: Ensure 24/7 security with Tapo C211’s advanced night vision lenses that let you see clearly in low-light conditions for up to thirty feet. Never miss a thing, not even at night. 

The Tapo C211 Wi-Fi camera feed can be accessed by up to five separate TP-Link accounts through its Device Sharing feature, allowing families and team members to manage and monitor the same camera feed together. While ensuring collective accessibility, we prioritize your privacy – all data is securely stored locally on a microSD card up to 512GB or in the cloud when you subscribe to Tapo Care.

Enjoy Tapo C211’s hands-free experience through its voice control feature, compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Available in an elegant sleek black finish, it serves as the ideal smart camera to enhance the aesthetics of your living space.

Be the first to experience the future of home security, visit any PC Express outlet exclusively from October 17 to November 12, 2023, and for a limited time only, get a free 32GB SD Card when you purchase the TP-Link Tapo C211 Wi-Fi Camera. Ensure your home security, enhance your peace of mind, and watch over what matters most with the Tapo C211.

For more information on TP-Link, its products, services, and news, please visit its official website, as well as their social media pages ( Facebook Twitter | YouTube ).








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