The Power of Pro: on the best features of the vivo X80 series!

Photography and videography influencers put the vivo X80 series to a test and showcased its pro-level capabilities to support their craft

Taking visually appealing photographs and videos can go a long way. May it be for a hobby, public consumption or for work, it is essential for photographers and videographers to have the right tools to succeed in this industry.

One way to go about it is to use a reliable device that will not only make the job easier but more eye-catching for the types of consumers today. Knowing the need for the equipment, vivo put the vivo X80 series to the challenge with the help of key influencers Dave Graciadas and Kevin De la Cerna. In their latest posts, Graciadas and Dela Cerna showcased how the vivo X80 series gave them the advantage to create compelling images with the power of a professional-level camera in the body of a smartphone.

All-in-one device for professional photography

Dave Graciadas has been known for his eyes for photography. He worked with various brands and celebrities for commercial shoots and post photography tips and tricks for his followers on Tiktok.

In his recent trip to Palawan, Dave explored not only the island’s wonders but he captured its serene beauty using the vivo X80 camera. The vivo X80 is equipped with a 12MP IMX663 Portrait camera which Dave utilized to make his subjects standout from the lush nature in the background. Its 50MP IMX866 main camera removed the grains in the photos resulting in crisp travel images regardless of the distance. The vivo X80’s 12MP IMX663 wide-angle camera allowed Dave to capture the island’s full glory as it supported ultra low distortion and 180 degrees wide-angle feature.

What’s good about being a key influencer is the power to encourage their followers to visit the destination they posted about. Thanks to the vivo X80’s ZEISS Natural Color feature, Dave captured the natural colors of Palawan highlighting its magnificent islands and clear beaches. The feature enabled Dave to take photos that are not too vibrant nor contrasted giving his images the most realistic output as possible.

Dave shared, “The vivo X80’s camera is a beast. All the photos I captured were on point and with excellent quality. I’d recommend this to all smartphone photography enthusiasts who tend to post-process their outputs because the vivo X80 won’t need you to do that.”

He also highlighted that the vivo X80’s ZEISS Optics will surely not disappoint its users as it easily captures vivid photos even in dark setup. With the vivo X80’s ZEISS Super Night Camera feature, it served as a reliable device for low light photos of Dave taken inside the caves in Palawan. With just a few taps and adjustments in the system operated exposure, the vivo X80 brings out the scene’s real colors and the perfect balance of the photos’ brightness and shadows.

Play with graphics like a Pro

Whether photos or videos, knowing if the device’s graphics capabilities can keep up to his needs is essential for Kevin De la Cerna.

Kevin is known for his craft as a graphic designer and video creator. He regularly posts about how to create content with studio quality output, thus, he accepted the challenge to create an unofficial video commercial entirely shot with the vivo X80 Pro. 

The vivo X80 Pro is equipped with ZEISS’ Cinematic Video Capabilities and Gimbal Portrait Camera. These features allow its users to create professional level videos as if they were shot with Kevin’s other professional equipment. While video stabilization is a common challenge for smartphone users, the vivo X80 Pro is an exemption as it is the first and only camera smartphone that sports the Gimbal Portrait feature and can produce pro-standard videos and portraits. For video creators like Kevin, it is worth acknowledging that vivo was able to accurately reproduce the effects of ZEISS Anamorphic film lenses in the portable body of the vivo X80 series.

“As a video creator, I’ve tried a lot of professional-grade cameras yet find it impressive how the vivo X80 Pro was able to capture videos like the big guys. I am really happy with the output of the commercial I made for the vivo X80 Pro.” shared Kevin De La Cerna.

Another advantage for videographers is the vivo X80 series’ Active Centering OIS System. The vivo X80 Pro’s lenses automatically return to the center position preventing laggy frame transition and motion blur issues.

To further support the vivo X80 Pro’s camera capabilities, vivo embedded in this series an exclusive chip, the vivo V1+ Chip, designed to bring imaging and display to a whole new level of cinematography. The vivo V1+ Chip is able to shoot HDR videos and enhance night video denoising. Not to mention that it boosts the vivo X80 Pro’s processors for an optimum performance like the DSLR cameras can deliver. 

The vivo X80 series is definitely a must-have device for professional photographers and enthusiasts alike to perfectly immortalize their masterpieces and boost their portfolio.

Explore the world of professional photography with the vivo X80 series. Produce studio-quality photos and create cinematic contents with ease and comfort. Visit vivo’s official Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels to learn more about vivo’s latest flagship device.

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